2012 American Design Award

  • 2012 American Design Award

American Design Awards 2012

And the winner is... the Nagel Advertising Agency from Garmisch-Partenkirchen! Thus, the creative minds from southern Bavaria prove again in international comparison and get a prestigious success at the end of the year: The first place in the American Design Awards 2012 in the category of catalog design.

The American Design Awards (ADA) are among the ten most important awards for international design. Every year, more than 35,000 applicants vie for this popular independent award. The ADA is based on a range of guidelines that are warmly recommended to every designer and serve the welfare of the whole field. Evaluation is based on the criteria of effectiveness, creativity and practical use.

This year's award success is based on certain factors. The twelve-member agency team can draw on many years of experience in the creative fields of photography, graphic and web design. The spacious, new facilities, that serve as a creative home since spring 2012, deliver a great spirit of inspiration. In catalog productions, which are among the agency's core areas, a well-functioning unit of professional graphic designers and the in-house photo studio ensures perfect results. Cross expertise, a high level of technical production and short communication paths lead to success.

Sport Conrad, publisher of the catalog, may be appointed as an "institution" of the Bavarian Alps. But also far beyond the country's borders the company is well known. With over 110 years experience in the fields of alpine mountaineering, ski touring and ski sports, Sport Conrad stands for top brands, high quality and exceptional expertise.

The award-winning catalog takes up these claims and presents itself in a higher, narrower and very handy format. Key pieces of the design are the black and grey backgrounds, which bring the bright summer collection colors to shine, and conjure up a warm glow. Landscapes held in black and white, whereas the models are in color. The main goal for this catalog production has been the intended reduction to the essentials, in order to provide a pleasant non-excitement.

In 2010, the Nagel advertising agency already received the second place in the category catalog design, the more the team look forward to even improve this performance this year.


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