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Since 2011 the Hotel am Badersee is one of our most loyal customers. Up until now we are responsible for the creation of several print- and online-based projects.

From indoor and outdoor signage to truck- and smart-stickers, images brochures and responsive web presence, they all carry the same recognisable design.

The Hotel am Badersee attaches particular importance to its internet platform. As the online world develops rapidly it is essential that a hotel in this category react fast. This is why we already created the 2nd relaunch of the website which incorporates a unique wording, high-class imagery, a booking engine and an interactive room plan.

The success proves us right: thanks to the SEO-optimized structure and the new, revised user guidance for desktop, tablet and smartphone, hit rates and bookings raised while bounce rates have declined.

It is simply a pleasure to work with such a technophile and web-affine directorate same as the Hotel am Badersee management. We are looking forward to the next future tasks and projects.


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